Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yeah yeah I know I never even blog on here anymore! It just gets put on the back burner. 
We went to San Francisco for our 
(yeah that concept is still blowing my mind). 
It was a great weekend, we seriously love that city.

Also I have a $200 cash giveaway going on on my other blog Little J Style, so you should DEFINITELY go enter!

Other than that we've just been doing the farmers markets on Saturday mornings, selling my jewelry from my Etsy shop. And accidentally spending more money there than we normally would because we're surrounded by pastries, fresh fruit, fresh limeades, etc. We have a good time.

Not sure of our plans for the fourth yet...but this weekend we're hoping to do some hiking/fishing.
ALSO we're going to Vegas the weekend of the 20th for miss Brittany Maddux's baby shower and to help my parents move! 
Can't. wait. 

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