Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yeah yeah I know I never even blog on here anymore! It just gets put on the back burner. 
We went to San Francisco for our 
(yeah that concept is still blowing my mind). 
It was a great weekend, we seriously love that city.

Also I have a $200 cash giveaway going on on my other blog Little J Style, so you should DEFINITELY go enter!

Other than that we've just been doing the farmers markets on Saturday mornings, selling my jewelry from my Etsy shop. And accidentally spending more money there than we normally would because we're surrounded by pastries, fresh fruit, fresh limeades, etc. We have a good time.

Not sure of our plans for the fourth yet...but this weekend we're hoping to do some hiking/fishing.
ALSO we're going to Vegas the weekend of the 20th for miss Brittany Maddux's baby shower and to help my parents move! 
Can't. wait. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Yeah I know this is crazy late, this blog gets neglected okay!
But here are some pics from our great weekend in Beaver, UT for Memorial Day. 

EPIC plate we found at a thrift shop in Beaver, UT. I regret not buying it...

Oh yeah, I caught this fish with my hands out of the river!! He was pretty disoriented and in a shallow part, but still...

This is Bob, he's our family friend's dog and I just love him.

We stayed at a cabin and fished the weekend away. We had a great time and I can't WAIT for my family to move up here!!

Oh yes, update on that front, they bought a house in Sandy and are moving up soon!!
:)) It's gonna be a blast. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Washington DC Trip Recap

If you're interested, I just blogged all about our trip to Washington DC on my other blog Little J Style...
Link is here. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As you know I got a fancy new DSLR camera awhile ago and I've just been dying to take pictures of anyone and anything. 
My friend Brittany is getting married in July and needed engagement pictures so she kindly let me do them!
I just need practice and experience so it was a great learning experience. I should have used some different settings, but they turned out pretty well. 

What do we think? Am I terrible and I should stop immediately? 

Monday, April 22, 2013


On Wednesday we will be headed to 
I can't wait.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

My dad was in town last night so we all went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack (in West Jordan). This boy probably about 8ish was having a birthday and he had to ride around the restaurant on a wooden horse and when he passed by us he said "Thanks for coming to my birfday!".
I mean, adorable. 

Also, my dad ordered some dessert and this kid TORE into it. Spooning up chocolate syrup.
Stinkin' cutie. 

He basically sat on me the whole time and asked me questions about crab while I was eating. "Why does it have meat in it?" "Does it have claws?" "How do you eat it?" 
Oh and it. was. delish. :) 

Back to my Roots

So a few days ago I suddenly got so sick of my hair and desperately wanted to change it.
About time actually, since my hair is just an evolution from highlights, which grew out precisely when "ombre" became popular (perfect timing) so I had them kind of blended into my roots a few times and I even lightened the ends once. And I liked it for awhile, but for no real reason I just decided I was done.

So I made a hair appointment with my friend Jocelyn Brown (Amara Spa & Salon in Orem) and she happened to have a cancellation that next day!
So I booked it, without even knowing what I wanted to do.
I asked Bran 1,000 times and each response was "You'll look beautiful no matter what you do", "any of them will look great", and my personal favorite "you could cut your hair like Wayne from Wayne's World and wear a hat like him and still look beautiful". :)
So I decided what I wanted to do about an hour before the appointment and luckily Jocelyn knew exactly what I was saying. 
*Note: I went to bed with my hair wet and woke up late for work and remembered I had a hair appointment so I literally didn't even look at it and went to work, so apologies if I look like kind of a mess in the "before" pic. 



She gave me layers again (mine had grown out) and basically brought my natural color down and then left the ends a little lighter. It'll wash out a little bit and the ends will lighten up some more too.

I'm loving it. I feel so much more comfortable now, if that makes sense. 
If anyone in the area needs a hair appointment you should go to Jocelyn at Amara, she's talented and we had a great time talking!

(Oh and if you're lucky you'll get the girl who is assisting to wash your hair and you'll be in for the scalp massage of your LIFE. I would have sat there all day if I could.)